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The Tradition of a Homecooked Meal

The Ample Pantry has delivered healthy, homecooked meals to the Kalamazoo, Portage, and surrounding communities for over 40 years. Our new owners are committed to the tradition and mission of providing the community we love with delicious, healthy, homemade meals made fresh every day. We consider our work to be a service to the community and we greatly appreciate your continued support and patronage.

We are locally sourced when possible and use only the best ingredients when preparing our food from scratch each day in our commercial kitchen. The Ample Pantry caters and delivers lunches for groups of six or more and offers a wide variety of menu items in any quantity for your party or dinner catering needs.

The Ample Pantry is proud that so many families and businesses rely on us. Send dinner to a friend or family member or treat yourself to a night off from cooking!  Your complete meal will come securely nestled it our signature Ample Pantry delivery baskets.  Know someone struggling with health issues, a new baby, tired of college cafeteria selections, or an elderly person in need of help?   Send them a homemade meal made fresh daily instead of flowers as a gift they will enjoy, save them time, and give them strength to face the new challenges each new day brings.  Let us make your, and their, day a bit easier!

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Chicken Salad

Today's Dinner Menu Is:

  • Family Fare Dinner
  • Special Fare or Deluxe Fare Dinner
  • Baked Salmon
  • Filet of Beef Dinner
  • Vegetable Lasagna
  • Hot Chicken Salad

Catering and Delivery!

You’ll be proud to serve Ample Pantry. Many businesses rely on us to deliver exceptional meals for luncheon and dinner events. We know you serve our meals to VIPS – customers, employees, community acquaintances, friends, and others. So, each meal we prepare is fresh, every portion is abundant, and every presentation is attractive.

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